As a Club we have aims and aspirations to meet our growing membership. We are always on the look out for opportunities to raise money for maintenance, new equipment and factilities so if you can support us in any way we welcome your help.

Five Year Plan 2011-2016

The five year plan helps us make decisions to deliver the aims of the club's Constitution "To promote community participation in the recreation of rowing in the Weymouth area for the benefit of all comers."

The aim of the Plan is:
  To care for and ensure a future for our beautiful gigs
  To stay safe on the water
  To make the most of opportunities on and off water
  To attract Funding towards our aims
  To deliver on the ambitions of our membership

The Current Plan is to:
  Increase rowing access for all comers through the "Explore Rowing" initative - Acheived
  To support our members to acheive coxing and coaching qualifications - Ongoing
  Find safe storage for our regatta equipment - Acheived
  Provide Pontoons for safe change overs - Acheived
  Improve our facilities including provision of toilets and showers - Ongoing
  Enter crews in larger events such as Thames River Race - Acheived
  Raise funds to purchase rowing machines and gym equipment
  Raise funds for a further gig and trailer
  Explore avenues to provide local club house and gym facilities

Things can change, unexpected opportunities arise, so our plan is flexible. There are some ambiitons that will probably take longer to acheive. With the efforts of our community we will continue the lasting legacy of Tristan Douglas-Johnson.