What does it pay for?

    Boatshed Rent and Services
    CPGA Membership
    Maintenance Costs
    Administrative Costs

What are the benefits?

    Belonging to a Great Club!
    Use of the gigs and equipment
    Members Handbook

How much does it cost?

    Full Adult Member     £120
    Youth (16-21)     £30
    Junior (11-16)     £15
    Family     £240
    Associate     £5

Our membership year starts in April.

Day membership - £5
Some new rowers prefer to take this option if they are likely to be rowing only occasionally, or want to gain more experience before deciding to join. You can choose this option initially, then as circumstances change you are welcome to become a full member.

Are there any extra costs?

Yes! ....

Regatta Fees
There is a small charge for all crews attending regattas to cover the costs of towing the Gigs to the event.

There is charge for transporting the boats to the Isles of Scilly for the World Championships. This will be determined once the shipping company have confirmed the costs.

How do I join?

Contact the Membership Secretary

There are two payment options available at this stage:
1) Join immediately - By paying your fee to the end of the financial year in cash or cheque.
2) Standing Order - This is a way of spreading out the cost of joining, rather than paying membership fee in one amount. Please contact the membership secretary if you wish to take this option.

Tristan Project

The Tristan Project is small fund pot that is used to support people and events to allow rowing for all. We at Weymouth Rowing Club actively encourage all people to have a go, especially the young, disabled or disadvantaged. The Tristan Project is a fund to help anyone, with particular needs, who wish to try rowing.

If you feel that funding may be appropriate for you please ask our Membership Secretary, who will help you make an application.

Tristan Douglas-Johnson

"The aim of the Tristan Project is to help as many
people as possible to enjoy the benefits of rowing
our magnificent boats."

Heddon Johnson