Adult Rowing

There are three options available within Adult Rowing:

  Social Rowing
  Competative Rowing
  The best of both!

Social Rowing

Social Rowing is the main reason why most people join Weymouth Rowing Club. There is nothing we like more than a good fun bunch of friends getting together for a trip around the bay.

There are many opportunities throughout the week for social rowing. Don't worry if you work, the early bird session is worth getting up for, the sunrise on the horizon is a beautiful sight.

The process is easy: Decide what time you want to row - find 5 other crew members - a willing coxen - book out a boat. The difficult bit is deciding whether to wear your pirate costume or not!

The all body workout that is gig rowing, provides lasting health benefits. Not to mention the feel good factor of amazing views from the boat when we are out on the water. What are you waiting for, book now!

Competative Rowing

We have many rowers who train hard on and off the water to compete in regattas accross the region and in the World Championships in the Scilly Isles. The crews are grouped into Mens, Ladies, Junior and Mixed racing with a seperate Veterans for those over 40yrs old and Super Vets for the over 50s!

Weymouth Rowing Club are proud of our racing crews, and fully support our Captains and Coaches who organise the training plans.

Best of both...... Intraclub Racing

All of our members gather together regularly for intraclub racing. This is when rowers from all sections of our club are mixed up to form similarly matched crews. This is a good introduction to racing for novice rowers and Juniors.

These events are organised throughout the year and has the added benefit of finishing with the prize presentation in the Red Lion Pub!

Rowing Time Slots

The chart below shows the training sessions allocated by the club. All empty time slots are available for members to book out a boat, by contacting Lynn Reynolds.

Mixed & Juniors
Regatta Crews
Ladies & Juniors
Men & New Rowers