New Rowers

New Rowers

Hello and Welcome to our New Rowers section. If you are thinking about coming to try out rowing, we hope this section answers some of your questions.

Louise Dodds and Helen Lea co-ordinate training for all new rowers. They are helped by a team of willing volunteers and experienced coaches who are ready to help anyone wishing to start rowing with us.

When can I try rowing?

You are welcome to join us any time of the year.

We offer a free taster session for any adult wishing to learn. If you are under 16 years old please go to the junior rowing section of the website.

What can I expect?

Each boat costs in excess of £20,000, with each of the 6 oars needed costing £250 each - so you can see that with constant fundraising to maintain and update them, they are very precious to us, and we work hard to take care of our most valuable asset. So - the first thing you will be doing during the first session is to look at the boats and learn the rules of handling the equipment safely and carefully, without damage to either you or the gear!

You will also be told about rowing 'etiquette' , as all sports have, so that you understand why members may ask you to do certain things if you forget - they are not 'getting at you' just because you are new!

The cox is in charge of all the crew and will give you clear instructions of what to do. On the first session you will be put in the boat with some experienced rowers so that you can copy them and they can be there if I need them to take over (if Moby Dick comes up behind us for example!!). You will probably find that 30-45 mins will be enough rowing time the first time you go out. You will be using muscles you didn't know existed!

For the second and subsequent sessions you will be in the boat for an hour, again with some of our experienced members. This is a great opportunity to get to know some of the characters who row in our club.

After you have mastered the basics you will move you on to a novice crew, which will be on a Saturday morning for ladies, and stay on Sundays for the men.

How Much does it cost?

The first session is free! After that you may wish to consider membership or pay a day membership fee of £5 a session.

Getting Going

A few helpful tips:

Try to arrive 15 minutes before your row to give time to sort out oars and launch the boat.

Tell us if you cannot swim, we can supply life jackets if you prefer, but be assured our gigs are very stable vessels.

Please inform us if you have any injury or illness that we need to know about.

Wear layers of clothing, rather than bulky jackets which will inhibit movement. You will get quite warm and may like to take a layer or two off. Loose tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings/shorts are good + T shirts and sweatshirts, waterproof or fleece jacket and hat if you want. Carrier bag to put layers in under the seat is a good idea cos things can get a bit wet! Trainers or boots that have thickish soles are good - but not work boots with steel toecaps, as they can damage the boats. Above all - wear OLD stuff! Rowing is not kind to Monsoon dresses (take note guys..) or shiny new trainers! Your feet will get wet launching the boats, please be prepared for this.

If you have cycling gloves which are not too bulky, you may find them comfortable to row in and save you getting blisters.

Remember to bring some water to drink. It's not good to get dehydrated when you exercise, and we stop several times to drink and rest.

How to find us

You will find us on the harbour side just before the Stone Pier, and opposite the berthing for the Condor. Most of us park up on the Nothe near the pub and walk down the steps, turning right at the bottom. Otherwise walk around the harbour on Nothe Parade, past the Lifeboat and sailing club. Keep going until you see a long low shed on your left - that's us!

We look forward to seeing you!